Monday, October 25, 2010

Spam & Pickles????

so I'm up late watching Triple D on Food Network and one of the places Guy went made Spam bites. Now I have never had spam that I am aware of. But they looked soooo good, don't ask me why they did but they did. Cream cheese with spam and pickles inside... I tried to find the recipe on but they don't have it. I googled for it and there was none to be found. I am just going to have to try and make it myself from memory how the guy at The Blue Door Pub made them. I know mine won't be the same but I am going to try. I probably won't attempt them till next week though as this week is pretty hectic for me and I need to locate my hubby's deep fryer.

Though from watching Triple D tonight, I have seen some food concoctions I want to try to make myself.

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  1. found the recipe finally!!! it was finally posted on Food Network! gonna try it soon!